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Set Includes:

  • Modular Grinder
  • Saw Attachment with tools
  • 7 inch Diamond Blade


The perfect tool for glass and tile! A modular approach to maximize usefulness by reducing the amount of tools and machines needed in your shop. Intended for wet shop use or a containment tub for water splash.*Water supply and drain required.



Flat grinding: Use 4"-7" flat diamond disks.Side grinding: Use 3" water-fed drum. 800 - 3,600 RPM650 W Heads 5/8-11 threads Variable Speed. Center water feed and/or loc-line water feed options. Adjustable water flow rate Interchangeable - 30, 60, 80, 100, 200, 400+ grit size.

Multi-Lap Modular Grinder *With Saw Adapter & Saw Blade

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